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Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency and digital payment system that was created on January 3, 2009 at 18:15:05 GMT. It was introduced just a few months after the collapse of the global banking sector. We don’t know where and by whom it was created. It is anonymous like the buyers and sellers. London is assumed as the location Bitcoin was first mined. It is debatable, but major activation of the natal and progressed angles during important events validate London city.

Bitcoin doesn’t use any central authority or banks. People aren’t obligated to pay any transaction fees or provide their real identity. Many companies have been accepting this cryptocurrency as a source of payment, allowing their products, services and even houses to be bought with it. Many people asking to buy this cryptocurrency, because it is untraceable and safe against bankruptcies.

Bitcoin removes obstacles of movement and storage of cash while preserving the anonymity of cash. Users are hidden, and its origins are mysterious. Bitcoin was worth $0 in 2009, and not traded on any exchanges in 2009. Its first recorded price was in 2010. Someone spent 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas on May,18 2010. Now Bitcoin fluctuates between $13.000-20.000.

As the seventh house and its ruler signify the buyers, Aquarius on the cusp of the seventh house indicate investors seeking independence and freedom. They don’t want to be obligated by the rules of the banking system. They are new age, digital buyers. Neptune in the seventh and close to the cusp of the eight signifies anonymous buyers and hidden money.

As Venus is associated with money, Venus at 0°Pisces corresponds to new energy, becomes prominent in some way by being extreme and unique, a rule breaker, not having limits, bringing innovations. It may have many falls and starting over again. Mars is also prominent in Bitcoin’s natal chart. Mars is out of bonds, and it is strongly associated with innovation, trendsetting and originality. Bitcoin made us to be familiar with a totally new concept, cryptocurrency. Its energy is also difficult to control, and enhances buyers thirst for risk. In the fifth house, house of gambling, this is even more noteworthy. Its conjunction with Pluto provide hidden power, tremendous resistance, strength, passion and courage. Transit Saturn’s conjunction with Mars and Pluto in the coming months may bring restrictions on the amount of investments.

Saturn, ruler of the seventh house oppose Uranus. Bitcoin emerged during the Saturn-Uranus cycle. Uranus is associated with awakening and revolution. The Saturn-Uranus cycle is concerned with breaking down existing structures, particularly government ones, and re-establishing them. It is renowned for periods of economic crisis. Stock market crush and global economic restructuring enhanced demand as it doesn’t use banking system. It correlates with the collision of collective forces that bring change. Disruptive innovations occur at that times. Bitcoin is the outcome of these new innovations. It inherently becomes more disruptive to the order and the establishment as it becomes more adapted. Thus, Bitcoin is based on a disruptive technology, in that it has the potential to replace currency and the Central Banking system.

Bitcoins’ prenatal eclipse took place on Aug 1, 2008. In Bitcoin’s chart, the solar eclipse degree of 9° Leo is rising. Bitcoin is deeply connected to that eclipse and it will act as a vehicle for the eclipse’ expression. In that eclipse chart, Venus and Mercury were also in the sign of Leo in the sky. Venus-Neptune opposition indicates idealisation, disappointment and dissolution with money. People are more likely under this confusing and deceptive influence to fall victim.

When I was writing this article, Saturn just about to change signs into Capricorn, its ruler. European Union states and legislators agreed on Dec,15 on stricter rules to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing on exchange platforms for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In Bitcoin’s 2018 solar return chart, SR Saturn is in partile conjunction with natal Pluto. In the yearly profection chart, profected Moon conjunct natal Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. As Pluto rules over dark underworld, crime and criminal elements, terrorism, rebellious activities and things that are hidden, Saturn’s move into Capricorn will hinder these issues through bringing restrictions and control in regulations. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto seems to imply formalization on new digital currencies.

When we look at the chart via annual profections, Bitcoin had a ninth place profection year in 2017. Aries activated for the ninth year of Bitcoin’s chart. The planet located in the sign and the ruler become activated. Thus, Mars and Moon were the time lords for that year. As Moon was in the ninth house in natal chart and SR Moon conjunct natal ascendant and south node, Bitcoin’s ninth place profection year was directed towards fluctuations. When transit Mars opposite natal Uranus, Bitcoin reached 10,000 USD on Nov, 29 2017.

In the solar return of 2018, the ascendant is Virgo; the natal second house is effectively brought to the ascendant, and financial gains will be the area of focus. Virgo intercepts both 1st and 12th and bringing 12th house issues into the fore. Hidden matters and loses may stand out more with this solar return. Natal Saturn also conjunct the degree of SR ascendant that may impose limitations and less freedom of movement. SR Saturn is in partile conjunction with natal Pluto. Governments may impose heavy burdens that greatly restrict Bitcoin.

The symbolism of the new solar return can be felt as much three months before the solar return. From October, 4 Bitcoin is influenced by the new solar return as well. Bitcoin will move into a tenth place profection year in 2018. Then Taurus will be activated for the tenth year of Bitcoin’s chart. Thus, Venus will be the time lord for that year. As Venus is well-situated natally, it may go well for Bitcoin. Natal Venus conjunct also SR part of fortune. The ruler, planet of expansion Jupiter conjunct Mars. Mars is well-placed in SR 2018. It is in 2nd, in Scorpio. This indicates investors passion for financial gain and demand will increase. But then, Venus, ruling the 2nd is in the same sign with its ruler Saturn, conveying the connection between the two which restricts financial gains through regulations. We witnessed significant activity when Saturn made Capricorn ingress on Dec, 2017. Saturn sextile Venus which is at 00 Pisces. When the aspect was exact on Dec, 22, Bitcoin price fell 37% compared to the peak price on Dec, 18. Another major aspect these days is Pluto square MC. Bitcoin has also a Plutonic nature. Mars’s transit on year lord Venus around Nov,16 and transits through the profected sign Taurus are the important dates.

The main planetary aspects when highlighted by transit may signal move in Bitcoin’s price. In SR chart, there is a stellium in Capricorn. The year lord Venus is also in Capricorn. Saturn’s transit in this sign will be noteworthy in 2018. Saturn’s transit to the natal chart’s Pluto by late Dec, 2017 and Mars by early Feb, 2018 may cause dramatic rise or fall. It will be determinative of its permanence. There will be a lunar eclipse on Jan, 31 at 110 Leo that conjuncts ascendant degree. Saturn will conjunct Mars also end of June and early November next year. Saturn will square Moon end of January, mid of July and end of October in 2018.

The Solar Return chart for the year 2018 is presented below, along with Bitcoin’s natal chart in the outer wheel. In SR chart, Uranus is in the 8th of other people’s money, and in a trine to Mercury. So, there is the possibility here of some sudden fact. We have already witnessed sudden gains. Mercury-Uranus aspects also suggests that Bitcoin is open to new ideas, which may take the form of new information or new concepts to be developed. Uranus will change sign into Taurus in May, thus a new era for cryptocurrencies’ role in transforming the financial system will begin. As Bitcoin was released during Saturn/Uranus opposition, Saturn/Uranus cycles must be tracked. These are Saturn/Uranus trine (2017-2018), Saturn/Uranus square (2021-2022), Saturn/Uranus conjunction (2032).


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